Startup looking for time

Startup looking for time

If you are the founder of a startup looking to making an impact, but need help to get it right, we can help you find someone with the right skills, insights and knowledge to make a real difference for your company.

Most startups spend a ton of resources looking for investors to get the financial backing to hire new people with the skills needed.

Whether you are moving into a new market, developing a product or service to a new customer segment, making changes in your supply chain, hiring people for the first time, it will take time.

Regardless, if you do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you, it is going to take time and time is expensive. It is your most valuable resource.

We help you find time angels, who have the skills and are willing to invest their time. You save the time for recruiting and onboarding new people, scouting and pitching to investors or just having to do everything yourself.

Instead you pay with what you have. Coffee & Cookies and perhaps a big, genuine ‘thank you’!

You get a six month investment from our Time Angels. Whether they invest an hour or an hour every week, is up to them, and it is your job to show that you have the drive and initiative to make the most of the investment.

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