TIME:ANGELS is a non-profit organisation relying on contributions from our community enabling us in building a diverse and global network of Time Angels. Our Angels invest their time in entrepreneurs building a sustainable business that makes the world a better place.

Guardian Angels

Building a movement takes an army and we are proud and blessed to have volunteers, event managers and angel ambassadors investing their time in every city, where we are represented. To keep the movement growing and build a global community, we rely on generous contributors to run the engines, spread the word and support our Angels.
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Power Angels

Our events are enabled and powered by trusted sponsors, who are looking to support entrepreneurs in their startup journey. These sponsors contribute to our movement in their city or region, and we help expose their brand to entrepreneurs and corporate time investors alike.
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Angel Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors help us build a community of people eager and willing to help us help others. They spread the word, find startups looking for help and people willing to invest. Angel Ambassadors are our loyal time investors, who have not only invested in our entrepreneurs, but also invested their time in TIME:ANGELS’ as an organization.