All of our events are people-meeting-people events. We strive to have as few titles, business cards, PowerPoints and pitches as possible. We seek to give time, not take it. Thus, we aim to never waste anyone’s time with non-value adding activities and design our events accordingly.


The Angel:Board is a small event similar to an advisory board, but instead of advice the people joining the board are there to share their skills, knowledge and experience within their area of expertise.

The Angel:Board is hosted by the startup, who is encouraged to design the event to accurately represent their business in a way that lets the angels experience their service, and/or touch, taste, feel or try their product.

Each of the attending Time Angels have been selected for the board on the basis of their expertise and intention to invest.


The Time:Turner is a larger event, where 3-5 startups and 25-30 Time Angels meet to find their best match.

After a short round of introducing the Time Angels, the startups introduce their business, current challenges and aspirations to a small group angels. After the introduction of the startups, the Time Angels have a chance be curious and ask questions, before deciding on who they want to make an investment proposal to. We turn time, as the groups visit with each of the startups.

It is an evening of networking, sparring, inspiration and new connections.

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At the TIME:ANGELS Summit, we invite key note speakers from our business and startup network to talk about the value of giving back and helping others. We focus on building a community of people helping people that enables entrepreneurs to build strong and healthy businesses balancing purpose and profit.

The Summit allows everyone curious about entrepreneurship to join us for networking and every startup looking for expertise, knowledge or skills to be matched.

Time:Turner in Aarhus May 2019