At TIME:ANGELS, all of our events are people-meeting-people events.

Effectively, it means that we strive to have as few titles, business cards, PowerPoints and pitches as possible. We seek to give time, not take it. Thus, we aim to never waste anyone’s time with non-value adding activities and design our events accordingly.

We want to enable conversations that would otherwise not be taking place.

We do that by designing each event to have as much diversity in gender, nationalities, age, professions, education, ethnicity, culture and experience, as we can possibly attract.

If you are curious to find out more about becoming a Time Angel, we invite you to join the Time:Turner. Here we introduce you to our community, teach you to listen to understand, and connect entrepreneurs and Time Angels. It is an evening of networking, sparring, inspiration and new connections.

See our event plan here.

Join us in 2020!