Become a Time Angel

Become a Time Angel

Whether you have a little time or a lot to invest, there is a startup out there that needs you. Whether you are experienced or recently graduated you have skills, expertise and lived experience that someone is looking for.

What can I invest?

You can invest your time helping out doing several tasks such as, finding and validating essential data, training people, facilitating processes, setting up systems, defining measures, scouting suppliers, helping managers recruit new people, supporting founders fundraising or whatever is your superpower, as long as you are giving time.

What’s in it for me?

Besides being inspired and motivated by the energy and enthusiasm of entrepreneurs, you will gain practical experience and in-person insights into new technologies, sustainable business models, green solutions, and other entrepreneurial and innovative ways of working.

We firmly believe that to truly learn and change, you have to spend time with the natives. Whether its machine learning, AI, VR, circular economy, automation, digitalization, agile development, lean startup or zero-waste, carbon negative solutions, you will gain much more knowledge from spending time with the natives and seeing for yourself how to apply the knowledge into practical solutions than sitting in a classroom.

How do I invest?

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At the events, you will have the opportunity to invest your time in a startup for a period of six months. Whether you invest one or three hours a week, is up to you. The most important thing is adding value and helping the startup develop. If you don’t meet a startup that is a match for you, we invite you to join our next events to meet more startups.

“I really enjoyed that people have all kinds of different professions, and also the fact that it wasn’t about the professions, but about the competences. I really enjoyed that!” time-angels-august-129 Louise Time Angel