At TIME:ANGELS, all of our activities are about enabling conversations that would otherwise not be taking place. We help people meet people. 

Essentially, it means that we strive to have as few titles, business cards, PowerPoints and pitches as possible. We seek to give time, not take it. Thus, we aim to never waste anyone’s time with non-value adding activities and design our events and meetings accordingly.

We match entrepreneurs and Time Angels at events (Time:Turners), in Angel Boards and for coffee meetings.

If you are curious to find out more about becoming a Time Angel, we invite you to join the Time:Turner. Here we introduce you to our community, invite you to listen to understand and connect with entrepreneurs and other Time Angels. It is an evening of networking, sparring, inspiration and new connections.

See our event plan here.

Coffee Meetings:

Sometimes all an entrepreneur needs to get to where they need to go, is some solid sparring with someone, who has been there or done that. We connect people that know stuff – to entrepreneurs who need the information or the introduction – over coffee – neat, right? 🙂 

Angel Boards:

Sometime we get stuck because we don’t have the insights, the experience, the network to overcome the challenge we are facing. We select experienced Time Angels with relevant backgrounds or expertise for Angel Boards, where our angels invest 3 hours of their time to help entrepreneurs deep dive on a specific challenge. 


The Time:Turner is an event where new and experienced Time Angels are introduced to 2-3 sustainable startups looking for time investments. It is essentially an evening of small meetings

Each meeting follows the same structure:

  • We meet the entrepreneurs, who introduce their business, current challenges and aspirations, while the Time Angels listen and take notes.
  • Then Time Angels are invited to ask questions to ensure they have understood the challenges the startup is facing and what kind of help the entrepreneurs need.

And the end of each Time:Turner, we have a networking session, where Time Angels decide whether to make a time investment in one of the startups. After the event, we send time investment proposals to the startups, who then invite Time Angels for coffee and cookies to further discuss the potential collaboration.